My domain transfer was successful, but why was not my domain renewed?

There are two possible reasons why a domain name may not be renewed after a transfer:

  1. The first reason is that renewing the domain name for one additional year would increase the total registration period past the maximum amount of time (usually 10 years).

  2. The second possible situation is when a domain is renewed after it already expired. Technically, this is called an "auto-renewal". If a domain is auto-renewed, and then transferred within 45 days after the renewal, then the domain will not be renewed for an additional year after the transfer.

This does not make sense because it seems like your domain should get two years: one for the renewal, and one more for the transfer. But this is the way the central registry works. This is not our policy.  Here is ICANN policy about this situation:

"Registrants who transfer names within the 45-day Auto-Renew Grace Period should check with the registrar from which they are transferring regarding a possible refund. Even though losing registrars receive refunds of auto-renewal fees they have paid to the registry in these circumstances, not all registrars make refunds to customers. The effect of failure of the losing registrar to refund is that the registrant pays registration fees to both the losing registrar (for the auto-renew) and to the gaining registrar (for the transfer), but only receives a one-year extension of term."


Basically, ICANN recommends contacting the old registrar for a refund if a registrant transfers a domain within the 45-day Auto-Renew Grace Period.

To avoid this unpleasant situation completely, please start your domain transfers at least 2 weeks before the expiration date.

We do not get anything out of this situation, central registry follows ICANN policies.


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